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This is my personal blog. It is focused on “building businesses” where I share my journey and experiences with you.

My Story

My name is Heavendeep Singh and I am a man who is passionate about computers.

Formally educated as a MBA, I am now a Blogger by passion. I started a venture “Cronetic Technologies” and “Bytemash”.

I manage all my blog under parent brand “Heavendeep Singh”.

I have been working for startups for over 5 years and still love every minute if it. 

At first i intended to be an IT Professional and went to Engineering School fully motivated to become just that. One thing lead to another and 3 years later i was fully fledged working on establishing a startup to a well known business. This fortune turn has lead me to making mistakes and learning from them which ultimately lead me to a better person. To work with people all over the world is really rewarding. Australia, United States, Spain, England are some of the countries i have worked with. Well not the country itself but the people living there. Computers and technology have been my passion since I was a child. I had been a misfit and a failure in the two startups I joined in India, but I learned valuable life lessons from both startups, the most important of which was that the client, not I, determined value.

I Started blogging back in 2013 and since then i am articles on startups & business.

I don’t do any coaching, investing or consulting. But i do read my mails

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Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Everything I say is from my personal experience. None of the things I share will make you “get rich quick” — far from it.



Heavendeep Singh